MurderWatch ® Mystery Theatre
What happens when a member of the audience dies in the front row during a dinner theatre production of Man of La Mancha?
Can the show really go on when the stage is set for murder?
Orlando's hottest drummer, Preston "Swingfingers" Roe is found dead in an alley one week before his audition for NBC's Saturday Night Live.
Find out which one of Preston's friends thinks he'd be better off dead than in New York.
Isabelle Jolly enters her dog, Fluffy, into a blue ribbon dog show. One week later the dog show judge is mysteriously found dead. It appears both the judge and Fluffy were beaten.
Included with Soundtrack - 2 additional Mysteries - Showstopper and Collared.
About The Audio Book.
The Players....

All of the performers on the recording have worked for MurderWatch® Mystery Theatre, the country's premier Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.


The Music....

This is original music by
Michael Andrew of Swingerhead.
To find out more about Michael Andrew go to his website. -Swingerhead.

Soundtrack for Murder© music appears courtesy of Michael Andrew Music (SESAC) Overnight Success.

The Writers and Directors.....

The stories were Written and Directed by Connie & Jeff Gay.

Connie and Jeff Gay are the Producers of MurderWatch Mystery Theatre. For more information about MurderWatch® Mystery Theatre, Click Here.

Ordering an Audiobook...

You can purchase a copy of Soundtrack For Murder online. Click on ORDER to take you to our Catalog.


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